Saturday, March 1, 2014

Noisy Brazilians

Each region or country, has its own style and way of living, which impacts in the way people act. Americans are so much more discrete and less agitated than Brazilians. People in Brazil are always agitated, talking a lot, making noise, dancing. In Brazil a reason to party and celebrate doesn’t need to exist, and still there will be a party. Every weekend or a holiday is a reason to make a barbecue which we call “churrasco”, and invite friends and family over, and put some music, play cards or play –or wacth- soccer.
Speaking on soccer, twice a week there is a big soccer game on tv. Soccer is another reason that people has to get together in someone’s house or at a bar and watch the game, drink and make a small party. In Brazil nothing –and everything- is a reason to get together and celebrate. Brazilians are noisier than Americans. We are always singing, dancing, making fun of everything. And sometimes we get people a little upset because we make so much fun of everything and everybody. But it is not to be mean or anything, it is just the way people are. Americans are more prudent in making direct jokes with people.
Brazilian people are really cheerful, and love to welcome everybody who is from outside. Outside the state or outside the country, especially outside the country. We call “gringo” everybody that is outside the country. It is not racist or mean, it is just a term used to mention someone that is not Brazilian. “Gringos” are treated very well and have a lot of attention. People will do their best to learn at least a couple words from the language the “gringo” speaks, and make him feel welcome and beloved. Such Brazilians as Americans know how to welcome very well all foreign. The difference is only in how loudly they welcome the person..haha

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