Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Opposite seasons

I have been so tired of this cold weather in Virginia, but finally, spring has arrived!! J – however yesterday was still snowing L, but let’s ignore that! - . In Brazil, the seasons are completely opposite from North America. When it is winter here is summer there, and when it is fall here is spring there. When I first arrived, everything got a little bit confusing for me. I had just left home in august and it was really cold, we were in the middle of the winter, and as soon as I got here, it was super-hot, sunny and beautiful. It wasn’t a bad confusion, right? I got out of the airplane with a big coat and jeans, and I soon realized everybody around me was using summer outfits, and planning their trip to the pool. It is interesting how you are freezing one day and the next one you are miserable hot! Speaking on freezing, in Brazil doesn’t snow. My first winter here (2012) was the first time I had ever seen snow, it was so exciting, beautiful and magic!! A unique experience for me! Since then, I’ve seen a lot of snow, and now it isn’t that exciting anymore! Haha. Happy Spring!!

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