Saturday, March 1, 2014


There are some words which can’t be translated for another languages. Portuguese –which is the language spoken in Brazil- has a word that has no translation in other language, and it is one of my favorite words: Saudades. Saudades is an adjective which describes the felling of missing someone or something. If someone has “saudades”, the person is on an emotional state of nostalgic, remembering moments that are not there in the present anymore. Saudades brings together, good feelings and bad ones. Good feelings about those great moments that you once lived and might not come back. It brings the felling of the presence of someone you love and is not around you anymore.
However it also brings pain, anguish and the reality that you don’t have what you used to have anymore. You can have “saudades” of someone who has died and will never come back, or also of someone who is far away and you can’t see as much as you wish. When you have “saudadezinhas” –which is the diminutive of the word saudades- you have a “small” saudades. I fell a small one every day when my husband and I go to work and don’t see each other during the day. But I have a huge saudades of my parents, my country and my friends in Brazil. Sometimes it is really painful and hard to live with this felling. But then I remember who lucky I am for being able to see them all again, even that it takes a little while J.

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