Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Travel ahead!!

After 1 year and 9 months I am going to Brazil on May!! J It has been a long time that I don’t see my family and friends, and my lovely city! I am in the same proportion excited and nervous (I am freaking out).  There are so much emotions involved in this travel that is hard to be just happy and enjoy it. I feel like I forgot how my mom’s and dad’s hug feels like, their expressions while they are talking, the way they do simple things like eat or laugh. Nowadays it is almost impossible for anyone don’t have means to use internet, and we do talk on skype a lot. I can see and heard them, but something in my mind is missing. The face-to-face contact has been kind of erased from my mind, which is really sad. And really awesome and happy because I will see them soon, right? However, I am so anxious that I don’t even like to think about it, but I do every day and every night – I dream that I am arriving there every night - . I might be crazy J but I feel like Brazil is a virtual place haha let me explain.. I talk to my families and friends every day through Whatssapp, Skype and Imessage. I know they are there and I know they are real lol. But since I left home, I never came back there, this is going to be the first time. It is as if I have left everything behind, it is another reality, and another life that I used to have and I just abandoned. However, I am coming back to this reality – for some days - that is not mine anymore. It is not a bad reality there, not at all, I have so many loving people that I care and appreciate so much. But for almost 2 years, they have been the people that I love, that I just talk through the internet and don’t see. All these feelings and thoughts are insane, but this is how I feel. Now, not considering all this…– how? right? Haha – I am sure my husband and I will have a lot of fun there. We will stay with my parents at the beach in Sao Paulo, we will all visit Rio for a day, we will cook our famous Brazilian barbecue – so yummy - , and go out, dance and enjoy. I can’t wait, I really can’t! <3 

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